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Whether you are having a regular chapter meeting or the annual chapter meeting to elect your delegates and alternates for convention, PSE will send a meeting notice, either hard copy or electronically, to your members.

Hard copy postcards:  Each chapter is allocated four free hard copy postcards a year.  One of these four cards MUST be used for notification of your chapter’s meeting to elect convention delegates and alternates.   Any mailing over four a year will be billed to the chapter at a rate of 34 cents per postcard.

Chapters with a membership of 400 or more can help PSE save money by providing at least 30 business days’ notice so that your postcard can be sent via bulk mail. 

Electronic notices:  Your meeting notice will be sent to all members of your chapter with an email address on file with PSE.



10 business days required to process this request

Check your chapter bylaws to verify how many days’ notification you are required to provide to your members.  Then, simply fill out the form below and submit it to your chapter’s regional PSE office using the “quick submit” button. It’s that simple! 



30 business days required to process this request

According to Federal Law (L.M.R.D.A-Labor Management Reporting & Disclosure Act) the notification of the chapter meeting where convention delegates and alternates are elected must be mailed to the member’s last known home address and received by her at least 15 days prior to the meeting date. PSE will provide the postcard and pay all costs associated with this mailing.  Please note: this meeting notice will be sent as hard copy postcard only; electronic notices are not sufficient to meet the L.M.R.D.A requirements. 

You may order this meeting notice by filling out the form below or by completing the Convention Delegate/Alternate Nomination & Election Postcard Request Form mailed to each chapter in February which lists the number of eligible delegates for your chapter. 

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